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I just saw an advertisement that has left me speechless. It seems that so-called “Christian” publishing has reached a new low.  Now available…The Berenstain Bears Holy Bible.  As far as I can see, this is not a joke.  I’m still formulating what I think, but I can tell you this–it’s not pretty.  (My opinion, I mean–the advertisement is touting “18 full-color pages of delightful illustrations of the beloved Berenstain Bear characters.”) It looks as though there is little distinction between entertainment and worship, and that is a very serious thing.

What are your thoughts?


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When I was a child, I thought being an archaeologist would be really cool.    What could be more interesting than digging up mummies and glittering Egyptian treasure?  My educational choices took my in slightly different directions (although being a historian is close),  but I still find archaeology fascinating.  Today my aspirations became reality.  Sort-of.

Shortly after Jonathan and I moved into our house a year ago, we started finding all kinds of junk buried in a corner of the backyard.  One item was the partially exposed corner of what appeared to be a sheet of metal.  After trying valiantly to remove it last summer, I gave up.  Today, Jonathan tackled it again, and found not one, not two, but THREE large metal plates.  Underneath them was what appears to be a large metal tub of some sort. I think it might be an old washing machine, but maybe not…is it an old distillery, or something related to a cistern or septic system?  A secret passageway to China?  After standing around and peering into it for a while, we decided that the best course of action for now is to fill in the hole again (metal tub and all), and hope that the City of Warwick  will pick up the metal plates on trash day. Maybe in a hundred years or so someone will dig it up again and solve the mystery once and for all.

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